Miss Teenager South Africa (MTSA) is a National Teenage Beauty Pageant, with a clear concept of empowering young ladies and to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best. We believe that a confident girl has the power to make a real change, starting from her local community with the potential of reaching a global audience one day. We encourage every girl to step out of their comfort zone, to be themselves and to continue defining what it means to be confidently beautiful. At Miss Teenager South Africa we are looking for a young girl who is ambitious, confident and an inspirational teenager who is a role model for all South African and African Youth.

Entries for MTSA 2021/2022


Kayleigh Jephta is the current Miss Teenager South Africa 2020/21. She is a goal oriented 19 year old from the Western Cape, residing in Blouberg and currently a second year psychology student at the University of the Western Cape and I’m also a model at Ace Models Cape Town North.

As the Miss Teenager South Africa 2020/21, she stands for and is very passionate about mental health which ties in with her studies.

As our current Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo said “1 in 3 people are expected to suffer from mental health illnesses in their life time”. Kayleigh sees this as a very important message. She once said ” you never know what someone is personally going through. So ever judge a book by its cover and always have a positive mindset.”

She is visual proof that good things come to those who do not give up, therefore is confident to share her message, as she never gave up being the Miss Teenager South Africa 2nd princess in 2019 and worked extremely hard on become the next Miss Teenager South Africa.